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Teaching Methods

We follow teaching methods that are based on the development of creative thinking skills, independence in learning and problem-solving. As a result, we focus on group-work activities, role-plays, and other types of interactive learning strategies. We also believe that students learn better by doing rather than by memorizing, and that learning takes place better if it occurs in a friendly environment that takes into consideration the individual differences among learners. The pictures below represent the teaching principles we believe in

School Song

House of Languages is my school
and success is my goal
I'll work night and day
and I will always say:
Nothing will stand in my way

Hope in me will never die
and I will always try
I will always aim high
take heart and ask why
and Nothing will stand in my way

I will plant a success tree
and I'll work like a bee
with my eyes I can see
that the future is for me
and Nothing will stand in my way

House of Languages