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Our Vision

Learning is a comprehensive process that is not limited to the teaching materials or the results card students receive at the end of the academic term or year. It's a process of providing our children values, social skills, and knowledge too. So, We serve as a model for effective teaching and learning in a dynamic educational environment where students achieve their maximum potentials and gain a love of lifelong learning, and teachers excel in pedagogy, stimulating young minds and encouraging them to extend constructive thinking and excellence beyond the classroom.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our students with an ideal learning environment to grow and excel from the time they begin their education journey with us. We do our best to offer our students an enjoyable educational opportunity that provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their lives. Therefore, we reinforce, through our teaching courses and used methodologies, the skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, problem-solving and the ability to make decisions. This is what is required to create a successful person in practical life.

Our Aims

We aim to teach our children:
  • How to be self- learners and problem- solvers
  • How to analyze
  • How to discover and innovate
  • How to be successful team-workers
  • How to deal with the modern technology and be a part of it

School Song

House of Languages is my school
and success is my goal
I'll work night and day
and I will always say:
Nothing will stand in my way

Hope in me will never die
and I will always try
I will always aim high
take heart and ask why
and Nothing will stand in my way

I will plant a success tree
and I'll work like a bee
with my eyes I can see
that the future is for me
and Nothing will stand in my way

House of Languages